Homework tasks 16/6/17

Date: 15th Jun 2017 @ 9:08pm

Year 2 Homework - due by Wednesday 21st June

Maths: We completed last week's Mathletics task with a very high score across the class. As we continue focusing on cm and m in class next week, I'd like you to take measuring one step further and begin to 'measure to the nearest half centimetre'. The ruler looks a little different this time, so that will be the first challenge to work out. What to do is the same - moving the ruler in place and then looking at where the objects end.

Literacy: We are going to be writing some new Supertato stories next week, using an app/program on laptops to create a comic of our own. To do this, we'll need some Supertatos to save the day! If possible, could you try and make one to bring in on Wednesday 21st as that's when we will be taking some photographs for the comic. Here is a photo to remind you of how he looks:

Image result for supertato

Spelling: Please continue practicing the common exception words from the list. For a challenge, it would be interesting to see if you can put them into a whole sentence and still spell them correctly.

*Update: On the whole, we're getting closer to spelling those 3 tricky words from last week. 'Money'and 'pretty' were trickiest words this week, so will be on the test again next week.

Planning ahead for September, I'm also sending home the list for common exception words for Year 3 and Year 4 (for some reason the 2 years are grouped as one). Please note, this isn't any task that I'm setting at all, but some parents have asked for the list to begin to look at over summer.

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