Homework tasks 23/6/17

Date: 22nd Jun 2017 @ 10:32pm

Year 2 Homework - due by Wednesday 28th June

Maths: The Mathletics task related to our next topic is 'How Full?'. We will be moving on to Volume next week and so this will provide children with some vocabulary that we can use to describe the amounts of things compared to a full amount. If possible, please have a look at some measuring containers and the class could be introduced to the units of measurement litres and millilitres.

Literacy: Next week we will be finishing the pictures for our Supertato comics and then adding speech bubbles and narration to them. I have sent home an A3 page from our example comic that we've used in class. Could you please add appropriate speech to the bubbles - look carefully at who is talking and what is happening in the picture.

Spelling: Please continue practicing the common exception words from the list. For a challenge, it would be interesting to see if you can put them into a whole sentence and still spell them correctly.

*Update: The words commonly misspelt this week were: who (hoo) and every (evry)

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