Homework tasks 30/6/17

Date: 29th Jun 2017 @ 4:20pm

Year 2 Homework - due by Wednesday 5th July

Maths: The Mathletics task for this week is 'Using a litre' and involves choosing the right amount of water shown in a container. We have only discussed litres and millilitress as being measures of volume, but we have covered fractions in quite a lot of lessons earlier in the year. It might help to see the container in fractions to choose the right amount shown, but if any adults could add some support that would be great too.

Literacy: Our last literacy unit of work is going to be based on 'Bedtime Stories'. I know many will already know or have heard a bedtime story, but it would really help our work next week if you could try and read a couple of different ones. There are plenty available on the Internet if not at home, and it might be that someone at home needs to help/read some to you which is fine.
https://www.bedtime.com/category/stories/bedtime-stories-by-kids/ might have a few short examples..

Spelling: Please continue practicing the common exception words from the list. For a challenge, it would be interesting to see if you can put them into a whole sentence and still spell them correctly.

*Update: The words commonly misspelt this week were: 'parents', 'again' and 'every'still.

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