Homework tasks 9/6/17

Date: 8th Jun 2017 @ 9:12pm

Year 2 Homework - due Wednesday 14th June

Maths: Our maths unit is Length from Monday, so the one Mathletics activity is called 'How long is that?' and should hopefully be a bit of practice for measuring with a ruler - you need to drag the ruler and place it so that the object begins on 0, then measure to the nearest centimetre.

Literacy: Next week, we will be writing the Supertato story as well as we can remember it. I've sent home a photocopy of your story maps of the main parts this weekend and your homework is to retell the story to someone at home in as much detail as you can. This could be done just spoken, recorded, or even using any type of app like Adobe Spark Video, it is up to you. It may take a couple of tries to get it right and if an adult wants to help you with some words or extra details, then that is fine too!

Spelling: Please continue practicing the common exception words from the list sent this week. You may know which words you do and don't know by now, so focus on those but the words will change every week.

*Update: The 3 most commonly misspelt words today were beautiful, people and behind. Could these be tried a couple of times for anyone who doesn't feel confident about them.

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